Wingz Table-Table by Daryl Hlasny

Daryl Hlasny Portrays The Wingz Table Table

Daryl Hlasny, the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Wingz Table Table explains, The Wingz Table is minimalistic in design yet the ultimate in function. It is a welcome addition to any home, den or office. It puts food, drinks, laptops <Cropped>

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Lighting by Nima Bavardi, Soroush Vahidian Kamyar

Nima Bavardi, Soroush Vahidian Kamyar Designs The Lunipse Lighting

Nima Bavardi, Soroush Vahidian Kamyar, the lead designer of the award winning work Lighting:Lunipse by Nima Bavardi, Soroush Vahidian Kamyar explains, "Lunipse" is a set of ceiling dining table lamp made by glass and ultra scratched steel w <Cropped>

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Bamboo Rhyme-Furniture Chair and Corner a Few by Li Haoyang

Li Haoyang Reveals The Bamboo Rhyme Furniture Chair and Corner a Few

Li Haoyang, the author of the highlighted project furniture Chair and Corner a few:Bamboo Rhyme by Li Haoyang explains, Only because of hand-made so good idea, in today's market has not applicable. Although people love the hand-made products of <Cropped>

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Basic Object of Knowledge-Exhibition Design by Danne Ojeda

Danne Ojeda Presents The Basic Object of Knowledge Exhibition Design

Danne Ojeda, the creator of the displayed project Basic Object Of Knowledge - Exhibition design by Danne Ojeda says, This exhibition displays relevant examples of contemporary book design. It offers a selection of published books and their three-dime <Cropped>

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Spa Oasis by Olga Borisova

Olga Borisova Reveals The Spa Oasis Relaxation Area

Olga Borisova, the lead designer of the awarded work Relaxation area:Spa Oasis by Olga Borisova explains, Spa "Oasis" is located in Moscow international business center Moscow City. Harmonious interior, light, music let you feel yourself pr <Cropped>

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Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss's Little Zig Table Lamp

Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss Portrays The Little Zig Table Lamp

Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss, the author of the awarded work Table Lamp by Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss says, The Little Zig light fixture is the second piece in a collaboration between European artist Henri Preiss and American designer Eve Fineman. <Cropped>

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Lilium Center-mixed-use, Commercial and Residential De by Saber Sajadi

Saber Sajadi Shares The Lilium Center Mixed-use, Commercial and Residential De

Saber Sajadi, the thinktank behind the displayed work Mixed-use, Commercial and Residential De by Saber Sajadi points out, The form of the building comes from lilium flower, which is the symbol of purity and freedom. The Location of project is on Anz <Cropped>

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Award Winning Re-Lux Up-Cycling Collection

Chan Hung Kwong Portrays The Re-Lux Up-Cycling Collection

Chan Hung Kwong, the designer of the highlighted project Up-cycling Collection by Chan Hung Kwong spells out, This up-cycling collection was inspired by garbage and made from household textile wastes to created glamorous style. Such as curtain, texti <Cropped>

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Restaurant :gyukaku Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Shows The Gyukaku Festival Walk Restaurant

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the architect of the highlighted design Gyukaku Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang illustrates, The design idea to bring customer eye wide opened to dine in a Japanese restaurant beyond imagination. Fully adopts Surrealis <Cropped>

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Luxury Public Facility by Tang-Huang Cheng

Tang-Huang Cheng Exhibits The Comfortable Resort Luxury Public Facility

Tang-Huang Cheng, the creative mind behind the displayed work Tang-Huang Cheng's Comfortable Resort Luxury public facility demonstrates, Chunqing uses simplicity and continuous shapes to that harmonize with its surroundings. The materials used a <Cropped>

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