Award Winning Easy Domes Dome House

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Easy Domes Dome House

The lead designer of the displayed work Easy Domes - Dome house by Acclaimed Designer explains, The design and structure of Easy Domes is the Icosahedron, here by cut of the vertices and transformed to 21 wooden sections. The design, interior, materi <Cropped>

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The Mobius Loop-Headquarter Office by Gang Wu

Gang Wu Creates The The Mobius Loop Headquarter Office

Gang Wu , the creator of the award winning design Headquarter Office:The Mobius Loop by Gang Wu says, The buildings require the design to reflect concise and simple building style to exhibit the China chic. Fickleness shall be avoided and simple over <Cropped>

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Interior Design:the Banquet For Spatial Taste by Hao Chen

Hao Chen Shares The The Banquet For Spatial Taste Interior Design

Hao Chen, the maker of the highlighted project Interior Design by Hao Chen spells out, The concept of this project is derived from the chef's catering experience, which can gradually construct the whole space with dramatic life stories. This is <Cropped>

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Syabrovka by Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov Spotlights The Syabrovka Belarusian Vodka

Valerii Sumilov, the creative mind behind the award winning project Valerii Sumilov's SYABROVKA Belarusian vodka says, This project involved the application of an entire range of complex solutions, starting with a massive marketing assessment o <Cropped>

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Award Winning Exp Causal Dining Restaurant

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Exp Causal Dining Restaurant

The architect of the awarded work causal dining restaurant by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, EXP, a 6500ft² restaurant within the prime shopping center in HK. Walls are predominately treated with plain calm natural wood panel accented with bronze s <Cropped>

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Olive Oil Bottle by Dimitris Lazaridis

Dimitris Lazaridis Exhibits The Proton Olive Oil Olive Oil Bottle

Dimitris Lazaridis, the designer of the displayed design Dimitris Lazaridis's Proton olive oil Olive Oil Bottle spells out, Proton is an olive oil from Lesbos, Greece. The multi awarded premium olive oil finally meets an eclectic modern bottle a <Cropped>

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Outdoor or Indoor Table by Dsignedby

Dsignedby Discloses The Table T® Outdoor or Indoor Table

dsignedby, the designer of the award winning work Outdoor or indoor table by dsignedby explicates, Table T® combines smooth lines and strong materials. Like a futuristic candle in place for a romantic dinner, the soft glow of a built in led strip un <Cropped>

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Industrial Nature-work, Communication by Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji

Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji Portrays The Industrial Nature Work, Communication

Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji, the creative mind behind the displayed design Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji's Industrial Nature Work, Communication points out, The rising of creative class shapes new office space and form, which needs more flexibility an <Cropped>

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House of The Tree by Morph X Design Studio

Morph X Design Studio Presents The House of The Tree Private Residence

MORPH X DESIGN STUDIO, the author of the awarded design Private Residence:House Of The Tree by MORPH X DESIGN STUDIO points out, The 9074 square meter site with its huge 200-year old oak tree very much dictated the positioning and the design of the h <Cropped>

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Beini Yang and Xueying Xiao's Easyslice Freezer Bag Easy to Open

Beini Yang and Xueying Xiao Creates The Easyslice Freezer Bag Easy to Open

Beini Yang and Xueying Xiao, the designer of the highlighted project Easyslice Freezer Bag - Easy to open by Beini Yang and Xueying Xiao explains, Easyslice solves a small problem caused by traditional roll bags: plastic material makes both sides of <Cropped>

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