La Vita E Bella by David Chang

David Chang Reveals The La Vita E Bella Show Villa

David Chang, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning La Vita E Bella Show Villa spells out, Melding western and eastern styles, La Vita E Bella Show Villa transitions the contemporary with the historical in the spirit of this era. Trad <Cropped>

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Melting Packaging by The Belle Team

The Belle Team Spotlights The Melting Stone Melting Packaging

The Belle Team, the designer of the displayed project Melting Stone - Melting Packaging by The Belle Team spells out, Creatively combined alcoholic beverages with ‘dissolving package’ concept, Melting Stone brings unique value in contrast to trad <Cropped>

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Haungshi Chu's Exclamation Mark Residential House

Haungshi Chu Reveals The Exclamation Mark Residential House

Haungshi Chu, the project leader of the displayed project Exclamation Mark - Residential House by Haungshi Chu explains, For the limited living space of the project, how to create the broad atmosphere and smooth line and cater to the practical need i <Cropped>

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Mempbox-Set Top Box by Skyworth Digital Technology

Skyworth Digital Technology Portrays The Mempbox Set Top Box

Skyworth Digital Technology Co.Ltd, the creator of the highlighted work Skyworth Digital Technology Co.Ltd's Mempbox Set top box explains, Boring black boxes are a large number of considered to be mass-production within the industry, and it' <Cropped>

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Award Winning Contemporary Design Table

Yacob Sughair Exhibits The Contemporary Design Table

Yacob Sughair , the creative mind behind the displayed work Table by Yacob Sughair explains, A unique visual experience I get it every time with Yacob Sughair designs . "Jacob 1 " gives me the opportunity to re-enjoy with the engineering an <Cropped>

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Ludovica Misso-Clothing by Ludovica Misso

Ludovica Misso Presents The Ludovica Misso Clothing

Ludovica Misso, the lead designer of the highlighted project Ludovica Misso's Ludovica Misso Clothing explains, This collection was born from the designer's passion about menswear textures. Prints are inspired by pinstripes and herringbone <Cropped>

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Indigo Design Award

Indigo Design Award 2020 Is Open For Submissions. Indigo Design Award Is Open to Conceptual and Completed Designs That Are Five Years Old or Less. We Are Looking For Exceptional Work From Anywhere Around The Globe. Whether You Are a Student, Professional

Indigo design award 2020 is open for submissions. indigo design award is open to conceptual and completed designs that are five years old or less. we are looking for exceptional work from anywhere around the globe. whether you are a student, professi <Cropped>

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Apartment House by Chi Feng Lin

Chi Feng Lin Designs The Light Mosaic Apartment House

Chi Feng Lin, the author of the award winning design Light Mosaic by Chi Feng Lin says, The project uses the warmth of light grayness as the stable support of the ceiling and the floor. The intersecting lines define the functionality and aesthetic vi <Cropped>

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Residence:canada by Simone Mantovani

Simone Mantovani Discloses The Canada Residence

Simone Mantovani , the author of the displayed project Simone Mantovani 's Canada Residence explains, Overlapping volumes and glass walls were combined to create a sense of transparency and open space in this minimalist style Sao Paulo City res <Cropped>

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Emerald State Guesthouse-Guesthouse by Kelly Lin

Kelly Lin Demonstrates The Emerald State Guesthouse Guesthouse

Kelly Lin, the author of the displayed design Kelly Lin's Emerald State Guesthouse Guesthouse points out, To create a peaceful space among the hustle and bustle, the designer has combined art aesthetics with New Art Deco style, presenting a spac <Cropped>

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