Brochure by E-Graphics Communications

E-Graphics Communications Exhibits The Nissan Note Brochure

E-graphics communications, the lead designer of the award winning design Brochure by E-graphics communications explains, A new performance called e-POWER is added to Nissan NOTE. e-POWER means a new form of electronic vehicle. Generate electric pow <Cropped>

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Lab.11 Art Contest

Lab.11 Art Contest, Is a Call For Submissions Open to All Kind of Artists. Works Allowed in The Art Competition Are: Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Graphics, Mix Media and Video. a Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Pri

Lab.11 art contest, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. a great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cas <Cropped>

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Quantum-Full Electric Future Limousine by Gruppo Otto

Gruppo Otto Designs The Quantum Full Electric Future Limousine

Gruppo Otto, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning Quantum Full electric future limousine illustrates, Quantum is a bold vision for the future of limousines based around theme of composition. Fluid, essential and adaptable, it strive <Cropped>

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Lifestyle Concept Studio by Ken Thong and Emma Yap

Ken Thong and Emma Yap Exhibits The The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio

Ken Thong and Emma Yap, the thinktank behind the award winning project The Roof by Ken Thong and Emma Yap demonstrates, Exploring the design concept of "Industrial Glam", this shop lot is essentially divided into two core areas (Design Stud <Cropped>

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Mashesh Nampurkar's Surga Tropis Club House and Landscaping

Mashesh Nampurkar Portrays The Surga Tropis Club House and Landscaping

Mashesh Nampurkar, the maker of the highlighted project Surga Tropis - Club House and Landscaping by Mashesh Nampurkar demonstrates, Balinese style is the most popular Asian tropical architecture. It creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The ov <Cropped>

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Residential Design Awards 2018

A' Design Awards Is Pleased to Announce That The a' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Is Open For Nomination of Architecture Designs Right Now For The 2018 Design Award and Competition. Submit Your Architecture Design Now

The A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Competition is open for 2018 entries to be recognised worldwide. Both concept stage and realised architectural projects, urban design projects and buildings can be submitted to the A' Desig <Cropped>

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Shelf:shape-a-Shelf by César Bejarano

César Bejarano Discloses The Shape-a-Shelf Shelf

César Bejarano, the author of the awarded work Shelf:Shape-A-Shelf by César Bejarano explains, Shape-A-Shelf is a flexible soft shelf made out of 100% recycled PET felt that can be mounted to the wall in different shapes to allow you to store or <Cropped>

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Chair by Philippe Beauparlant

Philippe Beauparlant Illustrates The Netheravon Chair Chair

Philippe Beauparlant, the architect of the displayed project chair by Philippe Beauparlant demonstrates, The Netheravon chair is an exploration in creating compact soft seating with shapes that could inspire re-configurations. Multiple examples of th <Cropped>

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Concave Convex-multifunction Bucket by Zaili Zhuang, Kai Li, Binjie Wang, Rong Lin

Zaili Zhuang, Kai Li, Binjie Wang, Rong Lin Reveals The Concave Convex Multifunction Bucket

Zaili Zhuang,Kai Li,Binjie Wang,Rong Lin, the architect of the awarded work Multifunction Bucket:Concave Convex by Zaili Zhuang,Kai Li,Binjie Wang,Rong Lin points out, Apply the features of silica gel on buckets, so that buckets have two using functi <Cropped>

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Detachable Device For Education by Jp-Inspiring Knowledge

Jp-Inspiring Knowledge Presents The Unite 402 Detachable Device For Education

JP - inspiring knowledge, the maker of the awarded design Detachable Device for Education by JP - inspiring knowledge spells out, A laptop to stay. A tablet to go. Unite 402 gives students everything they need: the high-performance of a notebook and <Cropped>

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