Thinkpad E Series by Experience Design Group

Experience Design Group Discloses The Thinkpad E Series a Notebook Computer

Experience Design Group, the creative mind behind the highlighted project A Notebook Computer:ThinkPad E Series by Experience Design Group explains, The ThinkPad E series is targeted to retain the DNA of ThinkPad yet evolving a modern and simplicity <Cropped>

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Lampa Award 2018

Lampa and Desall Invite You to The New Edition of The Lampa Award, With The Aim of Exploring Innovative Solutions For Technical Accessories For Clothing Items Dedicated to Street Wear World, Including Tuck Catches, Cord Stoppers, Buckles, Fasteners, Stopp

Lampa and desall invite you to the new edition of the lampa award, with the aim of exploring innovative solutions for technical accessories for clothing items dedicated to street wear world, including tuck catches, cord stoppers, buckles, fasteners, <Cropped>

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Tiles of Saigon by Giang Nguyen

Giang Nguyen Shows The Tiles of Saigon Book

Giang Nguyen, the author of the award winning work Book:Tiles of Saigon by Giang Nguyen explains, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is a city with a unique yet neglected visual, art & design culture. Musing the city, one can come across old beautiful arc <Cropped>

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Workspace Environment by Cheng Hsuan Huang

Cheng Hsuan Huang Exhibits The Dual Concepts Workspace Environment

Cheng Hsuan Huang, the maker of the awarded project Dual Concepts - Workspace Environment by Cheng Hsuan Huang explicates, By combining the two functions, the designer is able to seamlessly switch between his working life and spending time his family <Cropped>

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Indoor Outdoor Bathroom-Bathroom by Bilska De Beaupuy

Bilska De Beaupuy Shows The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom

Bilska de Beaupuy, the designer of the displayed project Bilska de Beaupuy's Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom points out, The project is an exploration of an Indoor-Outdoor space. Architects aimed to create an in-between zone, somewhere that is <Cropped>

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Award Winning Thinkpad 25 Laptop Computer

Lenovo Design Group Illustrates The Thinkpad 25 Laptop Computer

Lenovo Design Group , the maker of the highlighted project ThinkPad 25 by Lenovo Design Group explains, Developed in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of ThinkPad PC, it is unlike any traditional products. ThinkPad users wrote in what functions a <Cropped>

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Wood Skin Exhibition Hall by Tacco Lee

Tacco Lee Reveals The Woods Mind Wood Skin Exhibition Hall

Tacco Lee, the lead designer of the awarded design Tacco Lee's Woods Mind Wood skin exhibition hall demonstrates, With simplification as design ethos and drawing inspiration from wood, the designer tries to create a scene of abstract forest.Usin <Cropped>

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Sustainable Bamboo Pen:e Work by Rao Feiyun, Liu Mingde, Cui Zhepu and Wang Weiling

Rao Feiyun, Liu Mingde, Cui Zhepu and Wang Weiling Shares The E Work Sustainable Bamboo Pen

Rao Feiyun, Liu Mingde, Cui Zhepu and Wang Weiling, the thinktank behind the awarded design sustainable Bamboo pen:E Work by Rao Feiyun, Liu Mingde, Cui Zhepu and Wang Weiling spells out, Bamboo is a renewable resource, its growth cycle is very short <Cropped>

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Branding by Halfnot Indesign

Halfnot Indesign Presents The Neighbour Program Branding

Halfnot Indesign, the project leader of the award winning project Branding:Neighbour Program by Halfnot Indesign explains, Aimed at reconnecting art and design institutions within Southeast Asian region, the identity for the program was inspired by t <Cropped>

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Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019-Sahara

Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge Pushes to Explore Habitat Concepts That Are Responsible, Yet Brave to Grow Human Civilization in Synchronous With Nature + Technology + Planet. Design a Concept Habitat of 1, 000 People Within Area of 0.5mi X 0.5mi

Vision: extreme habitat challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. design a concept habitat of 1,000 people within area of 0.5mi x <Cropped>

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